Swim Smart Band

Swim Smart Band

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Swim Smart Band is the best way to get swim tracking! Waterproof to 50 meters. Custom swimming mode that tracks your swim times, calories burned, and more!

Compatible with all iPhone and Android smartphones.

1-year all inclusive money-back guarantee and full coverage warranty! If you're not happy with the Swim Smart Band, simply mail it back for a full refund!

With a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, you can also track runs and steps accurately. Whether out on a run, going for a walk or even on the treadmill in the gym.

Heart rate tracking with fast acquisition and yes, it works perfect even underwater.

Sleep tracking is also a bonus on the Swim Smart Band, which uses groundbreaking technology. This records lots of data when sleeping and there is even detailed analysis of that sleep.

The really appealing part about the Swim Smart Band has to be the battery life – it goes for a month. Even with smartphone notifications pinging away and regular exercise you still get a month of battery life on a full charge.

The reason this is great is that the band is so comfortable you only really need to take it off to charge it once a month. Since that’s only 12 times in a year it’s likely you’ll commit to wearing it, and the app takes this commitment even further. The app syncing works so well you won’t even notice it or think about it. Just open the app and there will be all your data up to date. It’s actually better at this than Garmin's wearables and makes this part of the wearable lifestyle seamless and easy, so you continue using it.

You can even set up goals easily, with training plans created for you to follow, like for a 5km run or a marathon, for example. These also provide reminders to get you out the door!

The Swim Smart Band is for those who want to track their health and perhaps ease into exercise, especially if that exercise is swimming or running, perhaps with a heart rate zone training focus.

It is also for those who want to see their sleep in detail and be given information to improve that.

And, it's for those who like the idea of seeing who’s calling or messaging without needing to know any more.

Swim Smart Band Key Features:

Ready to swim
Always up for a swim, with water resistance up to 50 meters.
Custom swimming mode tracks swim times, calories burned, and more

Always on the Pulse
Optical heart rate monitoring technology lets you check your stats anytime with a flick of your wrist.

Get a more holistic picture of your health with 24-hour heart rate tracking.

Heart rate zones – warm-up, fat burning, aerobic, anaerobic, and extreme – help you precisely track and optimize your workouts.

Don’t Miss a Beat
Measure your heart rate with greater accuracy thanks to M4 core technology, support for floating-point operations, and an optimized algorithm.

Next-generation heart rate algorithm, developed in 2012 after analysis of a vast number of data points, is optimized for 10 different fitness scenarios and delivers a more accurate heart rate readout.

Ready to Run
Your fitness data is always just a glance away during your run.

Become a better runner with instant analysis after each run.

Links with your smartphone's GPS to track your running routes. Through the app, you can link the Swim Smart Band with your smartphone's GPS.

30 Days on a Single Charge
Third-generation high-performance battery improves the energy density by 20%.

System-level optimization and low-power circuit design reduce power consumption by 80%.

Track Your Sleep
Validated by DBIOM at BIDMC, a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, TruSleep tracking technology delivers comprehensive sleep tracking.

All-day assistant on your wrist
Caller ID and call rejection notification vibrations for Facebook, Twitter, messages, emails, calendar alerts, and more! Alarm clock's vibrations wake you up without disturbing others.