1080P HD Polarized Camera Sunglasses

1080P HD Polarized Camera Sunglasses

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This Incredible Package Includes: 1080P HD Polarized Camera Sunglasses, 16GB Micro Chip For 1 Hour of Saved Recorded Video, 280 mAh Polymer Lithium Battery For 2 Hours of Run-Time, Hard Case and Cleaning Cloth!

These amazing sunglasses will change your life and are super easy to operate! With one tap on the side, you will begin recording and save your journey in 1080P HD to relive anytime.

Whether you're alone on the trail and need some proof of your accomplishments or just want to capture that spontaneous unbelievable event that you witnessed on your journey, these sunglasses have you covered!

Wherever you look, the high-definition camera records. It covers a 120 degree field-of-vision and will not miss anything.

Some inventions are life changing and this is one of those inventions. You will wonder how you ever lived without this ground-breaking technology.

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