Bluetooth Polarized UV 400 With 5 Lenses

Bluetooth Polarized UV 400 With 5 Lenses

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Bluetooth Polarized UV 400 Running Sunglasses With 5 Lenses and Case.

Compatible with almost every Bluetooth enabled device and super easy to setup on your smartphone, tablet, etc.

Listen to music, take phone calls, the possibilities are endless with this incredible technology! Net weight is only 35 grams.

No batteries required! Simply charge up the 200 mAh battery with your USB cable and you're good to go! 6 hour talk / music time with a full charge.

Incoming phone call? No problem, enjoy hand-free phone calls with a simple push of a button on the side of the sunglasses.

Hi-Fi Earbuds built directly onto the frame. The future is now with this Bluetooth sunglasses package.

The 5 lenses include: Dark polarized lens, yellow night-vision lens, fog lens, clear lens, and blue lens. Easy to swap the lenses for your daily needs.