Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

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Get the cutting edge Bluetooth Wireless Headphones and eliminate wires from your life today!

Incoming call? No problem! Take and make phone calls directly from the Bluetooth Wireless Headphones! That's right, the built-in High-Sensitive Microphone will ensure your voice comes in perfectly clear on the other end!

Control your music while running/walking without stopping by pressing the easy to access play button and volume control buttons!

The Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are fully adjustable and will comfortably fit any person with the ergonomic design.

Compatible with any iPhone or Android phone and setup takes only a minute.

The built-in fast charging Lithium Battery will fully charge in 1 hour with the provided USB charging cable. A full charge will last for more than 15 hours of music playing or 25 hours of phone calls!

1-year all inclusive money-back guarantee and full coverage warranty! If you're not happy with the Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, simply mail the product back for a full refund!