Running Arm Bag

Running Arm Bag

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5.5 inch waterproof running arm bag to hold your smartphone, keys, credit cards, anything and everything!

The design of this arm bag allows for your ear bud wires to protrude through the top of the bag to allow for perfect comfort and running form while jamming out as you burn your trail!

It's a must-have item for anyone that jogs or runs on a daily basis. Now, you travel all the way to that organic smoothie shop with your credit card safely stored in your arm bag.

If you jog in places that require a little added security, no worries mate! Now, you can store a self-defense device concealed within your fashionable new arm bag!

Extremely light-weight, you won't even know that you're wearing it!

Kangaroos have pouches, human runners have arm bags! Order now while this amazing flash sale price is available!